Side of Taco: 6 Months of Baboy Club NYC

When I started Baboy Club NYC, I committed to blogging twice a week for six months. The six month mark was November 21, 2018, so I took that week off to assess the blog and how I would like it to grow.

More about the blog in a second. I just have to mention that the week I took off was spent at Scribners Catskills Lodge, with perfect views of Hunter Mountain and a gorgeous lodge library. Ben and I are already planning on returning in the summer and fall so we can see this beautiful landscape in full bloom and fall foliage.

View from Scribners Catskills Lodge
Misty winter view from Scribners Catskills Lodge

The rooms, with their leather and wool furnishings, painted black floors and whitewashed walls, are the definition of Hygge. As someone with a deep appreciation of Scandinavian aesthetics, staying at Scribners was more than just a break – being surrounded by books, minimalist comfort, and cozy furnishings refueled my heart and mind.

Kaaterskill Falls
Kaaterskill Falls in winter

I also refueled my belly quite a bit at Scribners’ in-lodge restaurant (as well as the fire pit where I made s’mores provided by the lodge.) The food was amazing, but a little pricey, so Ben and I drove 15 minutes to Chalet Fondue in nearby Windham to eat WAY too much German food. Sauerbraten, spaetzle, and apfel kuechel! It just doesn’t get any better than that! We ordered an appetizer, entree, and two deserts for the two of us and still had leftovers because Germans know how to eat!

We got to do a little hiking, visiting the abandoned ruins of an old hotel out in the middle of the woods. I love scary movies, so seeing the ruins appear through the mist and the trees was right up my alley. Thank goodness it was full daylight! It was so creepy that I half expected to bump into Nicole Kidman from The Others as we hiked through the fog!

After our hike, we spent some time in Woodstock, which was crowded and expensive, but still worth visiting.

I am so grateful for our trip to the Catskills. It made me fall in love with upstate New York even more, and even taught me that winter isn’t all bad! Anything that could chip away at my hatred (yes, hatred) of winter is pretty freaking majestic and enjoyable!

Ok, back to the blog!

I definitely do want Baboy Club NYC to grow, but I am going to have to be much more intentional about it because there were times when I was certain I would stop blogging as soon as the 6 months was over. While I have enjoyed many aspects of blogging, I definitely need to make some changes to avoid burning out.

First, I am going to be posting less. Though I committed to posting twice a week, most weeks I have posted three times – two recipes and one post about whatever I felt like writing about. From here on out, I am posting recipes twice a week – on Monday and Thursday. On occasion, I’ll post a Side of Taco update on a Saturday, but I have found that consistently posting three times a week is too much work. Also, after looking at Google Analytics, it’s clear that few people read the blog on weekends and Holidays.

Which bring me to the second change: I am also not going to be posting over holidays.

In the coming six months, I plan on joining Tailwind, because posting on Instagram and Pinterest are some of my least favorite parts of blogging. I should also get better about my Facebook presence. Social media is just not my thing. 😝

I also need to figure out how to keep turning out photography I am proud of with the shortened daylight hours. I have been forced to shoot with artificial light for the last three weeks since it is now dark by the time I get home from work. This will likely be my biggest challenge in the coming months.

I hope you are all having hygge weekends! Stay cozy! ☕️



Bill and Taco are the Queen and King of hygge!

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    1. Thank you! I don’t do many travel posts but this is encouraging me to do more! I’m very excited to follow you and to learn a little bit more about travel blogging!


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