Heart Healthy Ranch Dip

Ranch dip with crudités (a fancy French way of saying “veggies”) is on of my all-time favorite, non-popcorn snacks. On the weekends, I usually eat ranch dip for lunch. I spend some time after breakfast setting up a plate of whatever vegetables and healthy snack foods I have on hand, then I whip up some thick and creamy ranch dip. This little snack plate is my home base while I do my chores, with my Bullet Journal and pen right next to it so I can cross off my list of things to do as I go.

For me, not having to stop for lunch on the weekends makes food blogging with a full time job possible. If I sit down for a lunch break, the chances of me getting back up on a lazy Sunday afternoon are almost zero. Bill and Taco have a sixth sense about when I need to get moving and that is the exact moment when they decide they want to snuggle. A quick snuggle turns into a full on nap, and then my whole day has gotten away from me.

My little veggie plate with ranch dip is so useful, I venture to call it a “life hack.” And because my ranch dip plate is low-fat, rich in protein, fiber, and flavor, I do not feel too cheesy giving it “hack” status. It won’t change your life, but it could certainly transform your busy chore days.

You may be shocked that I am eating something as unhealthy as ranch for a full meal, but, this is not your typical, cholesterol and trans-fat-filled ranch dip. Mine is made with fresh herbs, loads of spices, and low-fat yogurt. It is as healthy as can be!

Heart-healthy ranch dip is low fat and loaded with protein. Pair it with fresh veggies and it doesn't get much healthier than that!

Spicy Ranch Dip

2 cups 0% fat greek yogurt (I use Fage)

3 tbs fresh chives, chopped

3 tbs fresh parsley, chopped

3 tbs fresh dill, chipped

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/8 tsp hot paprika or chili powder

1 tbs lemon juice

dash cayenne pepper


extra virgin olive oil

assorted veggies and healthy crackers or finger foods cut into bite sized pieces

Heart-healthy ranch dip is low fat and loaded with protein. Pair it with fresh veggies and it doesn't get much healthier than that!

Whisk all ingredients together in a bowl. Add salt to taste and olive oil until you reach the desired texture. I usually only add about 2 tbs because I like it extra thick.

Here’s a pin 📌 to save this recipe for later!

This recipe is low fat, high protein, and heart healthy! It’s a perfect snack to keep you going on a busy day or for munching during movie nights.

3 thoughts on “Heart Healthy Ranch Dip

    1. It’s a snap, especially if you have herbs frozen in your freezer already. I make a ranch mix of herbs in an ice cube tray with lemon and olive oil so I can just thaw it and add yogurt and the spices and I’m good to go!


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