Side of Taco: Bragging About My Sister/Sister Supper Club

Baboy Club is a Hit and it Keeps Growing!

As many of you know, Baboy Club NYC would not be here if it were not for my sister Maria. We bonded over our shared love of food – just one of many things that have kept us connected as adults, even though we didn’t know each other as children. When we wouldget a few days together, a treat we indulge in every few years, we would talk about starting a shared, food related project. Something that would keep us connected to each other, as well as our Filipino and Japanese heritage.

Always the trend setter, Maria started first, with Baboy Club, a monthly supper club in London. I followed her lead a few months later with my food blog. Maria is a social butterfly and the life of the party, while I am a homebody and an introvert, so it is no surprise that our sister food projects are so different.

Of course, Baboy club was a success from day one. Baboy Club has sold out every month since it’s inception and in October, Baboy Club grew by 50%, offering 26 tickets for hipster Pinoy food served family style! Baboy Club also expanded its menu for vegans. Filipino food is not known for its vegan fare, so this is no small feat!

If you are in London, watch out for Baboy Club’s next event and buy your tickets ASAP!

Baboy Club, London
Full House at Baboy Club
Baboy Club, London
Maria in the Baboy Club kitchen πŸ’ƒπŸ»
Baboy Club, London
Coconut fried seitan with fresh mango and banana ketchup
Baboy Club, London
Plantain and jackfruit encased in dark caramel and crispy pastry

Maria Brought Home the Bacon AKA The Man Booker Prize!

Not only has Maria grown Baboy Club by 50% in only three months, but she is also killing it in her day job! As Anna Burns’s publicist at Faber & Faber, Maria has a lot to celebrate! Burns’s book, Milkman, just took home the Man Booker Prize! The event was televised internationally and, though she would not admit it, the prize is due in no small part to Maria’s work ensuring that the world knows about this funny and affecting book.

Man Booker Prize 2018
Screen shot of the big win!! πŸ†

To say I am proud of my sister is the understatement of the year! She is such a success in every aspect of her life. She is smart, hard working, and brings her passion for life to everything that she does. She is a wonderful friend and human. I am so proud to call her my sister!

Baboy clubSister | Sister

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