Side of Taco: We Have a Visitor!

On Sunday morning my boyfriend, Ben, heard pitiful meows coming from the dentist’s office around the corner from our apartment. I have to imagine he was eager to have a third cat staying in our home because he texted me to tell me about it. Cat carrier in hand, Ben and I managed to extract a large ginger cat from the garbage bin area of an apartment building on Norman Ave. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Thus, a large orange tabby we are calling “Norman” is staying in our upstairs bathroom until we can find him a forever home, which is, hopefully, not my own.

Poor Norman was likely abandoned, because he is as snuggly and tame as can be. He also loves canned cat food but refuses to budge for bacon, so I cannot imagine he’s been living on garbage like so many alley cats in Brooklyn. The poor fella was so dehydrated that he drank an entire bowl of water once we got him set up in our upstairs bathroom, so he likely lacks the street smarts and the grit to have been raised outside. On Sunday, all of the little bones of his spine were protruding, but he looks so much better after a day indoors with access to lots of cat food and water.

Unfortunately, malnutrition and dehydration are not his only medical needs. I am treating his ear mites, he has minor conjunctivitis, and probably also has worms. We have a vet appointment on the 28th where we will learn whether he also had FIV or feline leukemia. If he passes muster, he will also get neutered! Woohoo, Norman!!

In the meantime, he I have posted him as “Found” on Craigslist and a Facebook page dedicated to reuniting found animals with their families in Brooklyn. I have also made 40 colored flyers to post around the neighborhood, in case he has people looking for him. 🤞

Norman’s about to be Greenpoint famous!

Once he is neutered with a clean bill of health, Norman will hopefully be posted as adoptable through Empty Cages Collective, where Taco used to work as an adoption ambassador. If you are interested in adopting Norman, he is sweet and gentle. He let me put him in a crate without a single objection, and he didn’t mind my wiping him down, even when I got to his belly and paws. He puts up with the ear drops I have been giving him, even though he REALLY doesn’t like it. Instead of struggling or growling, he puts up a gentlemanly paw like, “please, madam. Is this really necessary?” He likes to head butt and lean against people, as if he cannot get close enough.

For their part Bill and Taco, but mostly Bill, are taking this visitor in stride. Bill sits outside of the bathroom door and tries to steal glances of him when I am in and out. Taco sniffs the door tentatively and then hides. They are both quite irritated that I gooped up the back of their necks with stinky, oily flea and tick medication, but as careful as I am with hand washing and disinfecting, I don’t hesitate to take extra steps to keep everyone healthy. If I could, I’d be dosing Ben too! (For the record, I do not believe Norman has fleas or ticks, but there is no harm in treating or preventing these pests and there isn’t much else I can do until his vet visit.)

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