Side of Taco: How I Avoid A Pity Party In 3 Steps, AKA, Surviving A Bad Week For Perfectionists

Blogging this week has been a little rough. I am still under the weather with baby flu and my doctor informed me on Friday that it will be another four to six weeks until I am allowed to return to pilates or engage in any exercise that might exacerbate my hip flexor tendinitis. That is all exercises that I could list for her, except for walking, which is the activity that actually causes me the most pain 😩. No exercise means I need to be super vigilant about my diet to maintain my health while I heal. For someone who would rather workout longer to eat three cookies instead of one, flexing my self-control muscle has NOT been fun. What a week!

To add insult to (literal) injury, the healthy roasted tomato soup recipe I was planning to post this week needs some work. I roasted my tomatoes at 300 degrees and got knocked out by my cold medicine before remembering to pull them out of the oven. 😳 I woke up to some real carnage the next morning. Thankful for small miracles, there was no smoke and the whole apartment smelled wonderfully of roasted tomatoes the rest of the day!

Can this be salvaged? πŸ™ˆ

When I have weeks like this, I must take three steps to make sure I don’t get totally derailed and end up in a pity party rut.

1. Check my perfectionist tendencies.

I am a perfectionist. It is an impulse that is difficult to check, because it is a very slippery slope from taking pride in my work to perfectionism. Also, I often catch myself trying to be perfect at curtailing my perfectionism. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ A viscous cycle!

My trick is to remind myself to take the long view. It is easy for me to focus on where I am right now, today, and to forget that this particular moment in time does not stand on its own, but is a part of a journey. Those charred remains are not the end result of my attempt to create a roasted tomato soup recipe, but only the first try.

The Food Blogger Pro Podcast talks about this a lot with their concept of 1% Infinity. The goal is not to be perfect or the best, but to improve by 1%, every day, for the rest of your life. I wish I had learned this concept before law school! I probably would have saved myself a mental breakdown or two!

2. Count my blessings.

Nothing breaks up a pity party faster than a reminder of all the things I am thankful for! Sometimes, it can be hard to get started. On those days, I start with Bill, my cat, who actually is perfect. Once I have her on my mind, Taco’s better qualities and the silliness he brings to my life are soon to follow. After that change in mindset, my gratitude starts to really flow until my mind is filled to the brim with the dream man I actually get to spend my life with, the dream apartment I actually get to live in, the dream job I actually get to do, and my garden, filled to the brim with tomatoes that are practically falling off of the vine to be put into my next soup! I should probably stop before this blog post turns into a list of things I’m grateful for!

So much to be grateful for!

3. Be compassionate towards myself.

If you are anything like me, this is a real challenge. It’s not that I don’t think I deserve compassion, I just think I don’t need it, because I am resilient and resourceful and really should know better than to be caramelizing tomatoes into dust.


Ok, wow! Maybe I actually don’t think I deserve compassion!? Dang! Revelation of the day. Remind me to put “blogging as therapy” on my list of things to be grateful for!

This step isn’t easy at all for me, as you can see, so I have broken it into two Jedi mind tricks that work for me. First, I imagine that I am giving feedback and encouragement to an intern or friend, not to myself. Then, I accept that feedback and encouragement as if I am getting it from my grandmother, supervisor, or Beyonce, and I accept it.

So there it is! The three steps that have gotten my through this crap week! I hope they work for you! Please share any bad week coping mechanism you use in the comments cause I am always looking to improve the system!

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