Side of Taco: How I Managed to Squeeze Crazy Rich Asians Into My Busy Schedule

Bullet journal

Lawyering and blogging are two very demanding jobs. Getting all of my work done while maintaining a household and keeping up with friends does not happen without an organized schedule, at least not for me. Over the years, I have tried a number of different schedulers in paper, calendar, and app form, but the best system that I have found, by far, is the Bullet Journal. Bullet Journal is not so much a journal, but a system for keeping track of what you need to do, though you can also use it for journaling. The basics for keeping a bullet journal are simple, but flexible enough to be tailored for your needs. Not only do I use it to map out my weeks, but it doubles as a recipe notebook, shopping list, brainstorm journal for writing, and the place where I keep all the notes I take while learning the various things I have had to learn about blogging, like SEO optimization, food photography, and how to use the Google Keyword tool.

While my Bullet Journal is simple, composed mainly of lists with minimalist headings, many people turn their Bullet Journals into booklets that make my inner designer swoon. I had no idea there were so many uses for washi tape!

Bullet journal

If you find apps, calendars, and day planners to be too rigid, or have the need to keep all of your scheduling, notes, and ideas in one place, I highly suggest the Bullet Journal. It makes my busy life possible. Here is a look at my Bullet Journal from last week so you can see how I kept my time lawyering, blogging, going to physical therapy appointments, exercising, gardening, traveling to and from D.C., hanging out with friends, and various errands organized, and even had enough time to catch Crazy Rich Asians!

NOTE: See Crazy Rich Asians! It is an historic movie and a TON of fun! It is the first American film to feature an all east Asian cast! They managed to not cast Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, or Emma Stone in a single role! Constance Wu is a national treasure and I am so excited to see Henry Golding as a romantic lead in many movies to come!

Bullet journal

If you are interested in starting a bullet journal, I use the official Bullet Journal notebook, made by Leuchtturm 1917. My favorite pen is the Pigma Microm 005. It is a super fine (.2 mm) marker that lets me write as small as I like while still maintaining legibility. It comes is a variety of colors, but I like black. I also use red for editing purposes at my lawyering job.

As always, here’s a pin!

Bullet Journal post from Baboy Club NYC

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