Side of Taco: Adulting is Self-Care

Grilled cheese with tomatoes
Unrelated food pic cause grilled cheese makes me happy

I love my jobs. During the day, I get to put my education to good use as an appellate attorney at a non profit in NYC. Unlike every other lawyering job in the world, law school actually prepared me pretty well for this! I read fact patterns and write arguments based on relevant case law, just like 1L Legal Research and Writing class! Occasionally, I get to put on a suit, and orally argue on behalf of my clients. I have the opportunity to learn from some of the most impressive (and humble) legal minds in my field and to work in the office that is responsible for many of the greatest protections of indigent clients in the US, and which crafted New York State criminal law with its own trust of attorney brain power and dedicated support staff. Oh, and it’s unionized! I am so lucky to get to work!

I also love my blogging job, which is definitely a job.

I started logging the time I worked on the blog last week and I counted 27 hours shopping, cooking, styling, photographing, writing, editing, pinning, gramming, and researching for Baboy Club NYC. And even though I love it and can do most of it in my pajamas or on my iPhone during my commute, it is definitely still work. Inevitably, my life is a little more hectic than it was a month and a half ago.

Actual footage of me blogging late into the night

I am also under the weather, having injured myself in Pilates and finally addressing a long-standing neck issue, since I have to go to physical therapy anyway. No one told me physical therapy makes you feel worse before you get better, but I am sticking it out and hope to be healed in the next month or so.

In this overwhelmed (but grateful), and physically sore state, it is easy to lean into the idea that “self-care,” which I believe is one of the most important activities that anyone can engage in, simply means resting and being a little indulgent. That is true, but it is only a small piece of the self-care pie.

This week, I have to fight the fatigue and remind myself that self-care is also going to physical therapy and doing my PT exercises twice a day, even though they are boring and painful. Self-care is staying on top of the housekeeping because I am a finicky germaphobe Virgo who is allergic to dust. Self-care is staying on budget, staying on schedule, and flossing every day so my life is easier in the long run. Self-care is adulting.

Don’t get me wrong, I indulge in my Real Housewives and my Bachelor Nation (this week I had the reunion for RHOPotomac AND Bachelor in Paradise, both the trashiest shows of their franchises, which makes them my favorite), it just helps me to check all the drudgery off of my list when I remind myself that the errands and chores are what make the good stuff possible. At least until my dreams of living Taco’s life come true.

Taco watching birds

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