Side of Taco: The Power of Pinterest

I. Love. Pinterest.

For some reason, I was always resistant to become too involved in Pinterest. Not “some reason.” The reason was ingrained and unquestioned sexism, the same reason that, for so long, I just accepted that ingesting celebrity/reality media was a low brow, guilty pleasure, but legitimized sports media as if the two had any relevant differences that would excuse such a disparity. I could talk about this for an entire post, but this is my happy place and others have covered this phenomenon thoroughly, so I had better just get back to my love of Pinterest.

It’s not that I had never used Pinterest before, it’s just that I did it with very little engagement. It was where I figured out exactly how I wanted to grow out my Miley Cyrus circa Wrecking Ball haircut, but not much more.

Pics or it didn’t happen…

But it is so much more than gracefully growing out your undercut! It is a searchable database of photos (and some .gifs), as well as the articles and websites that media is connected to! And it’s a social media platform that skews to the appealing parts about life, which keeps the personal engagement on the platform lovely and respectful, the exact opposite of what often passes for discourse on Facebook. Lastly, it is an organizational tool for inspiration and information I’ve found on the internet. I’ll say it again. I love Pinterest.

Baboy Club NYC’s Pinterest account is still in its infancy, but please follow me and save my recipes if you like them! I’ll be pinning recipe and photography inspiration, blogging and social media tips, and my own recipes! Let me know if you have any advice for a Pinterest newbie too!

Other Baboy Club NYC news: I realized the recipe portion of the Salmon Sinigang I posted last week was erased at some point. I reposted it, and it is available if you were hoping to make the soup and not just look at a picture of it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I took some head shots for Baboy Club NYC. Well, Taco and I took some head shots. He jumped into the action as soon as he saw that there was something he could be a part of. Then he wouldn’t leave. When we cropped him out of the frame, he just got in my lap.

Food blogging is soooooo glamorous 🙄

The pics turned out great but I don’t love them and hope to switch to a logo soon. They feel unnatural to me, and not only because of the editing. When I am at home, I’m wearing an apron and the yellow Crocs that have been my house shoes since 2004. The bullet journal, healthy snacks, bouquet, and Taco doing whatever I am doing are actually all very accurate for a Saturday at home. I’m just missing my house uniform and I have never felt very comfortable in front of the camera. Taco, on the other hand, loved modeling.

This week, I will be posting a brisket Adobo. I’ll figure out another recipe by Saturday, but the lemon zucchini pasta I made was not blog worthy. If you’re interested, it was based off of this recipe from Milk Street.

Another blog reject. Looks pretty, tho!

2 thoughts on “Side of Taco: The Power of Pinterest

    1. You won’t have to wait long! It’s posting tomorrow! And I have a recipe for the leftovers posting on Saturday 😘


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