Side of Taco: Life Choices in Murder Cabin, PA

This weekend, I got to live my Dorinda Medley fantasy in the Poconos! Watching the ducks and Canada geese bobbing for breakfast at the edge of the lake was exactly what my frazzled New Yorker nerves needed. I kept thinking, “Is this what fresh air smells like?”

On the flip side, the cabin we were staying in was so creepy that we started calling it Murder Cabin. I am 99% certain that it was straight off the set of Cabin in the Woods, and I walked around with my keys bunched up in my fist because I am not about to get caught off guard by a zombie/demon/home invader! Whoever murders me is gonna be sorry!

So, as nice as it was to be in nature, by Sunday morning, I was more than ready to go home. I don’t know what I missed more, Bill and Taco, a reliable internet connection, or the sense of security that comes with knowing for certain that my apartment was not the setting of some accursed incident with far-reaching consequences…

Perhaps it was getting out of my bubble, or the acute awareness of my mortality, but I was able to see the big picture of my life so clearly this weekend. I used the head space to make some decisions. First, I decided to recommit myself to engaging in some sort of cardio every week, even though I hate it. But I also thought a lot about Baboy Club NYC and how I want it to fit into my life.

When I started the blog, I wanted to keep the time and money investment very low for the first year and only focus on recipes and informal writing, the fun stuff. But once I decided I also wanted to set the blog up as a business in order to write off expenses and possibly even make money, things got a little more complicated. It turns out, I can’t have it both ways while using best practices for SEO and maintaining the quality of this blog. For me, skimping on the quality of Baboy Club NYC is not an option. I am driven to do my best, and when I am not, it is a good sign that I have no interest in getting to where my efforts are taking me.

So I decided that I am going to pony up the extra cash to set Baboy Club NYC up for success now instead of paying someone to go back and redo important parts of my blog later. Once the decision was made, I got so excited for what is to come, which, in the near future, is mostly just errands…

If I want to contact my email list, I must list Baboy Club NYC’s address, which means I must rent a P.O. Box or else publish where I sleep to all of my followers. I love you guys, but this is a no-brainer. Also, I appreciate separating my business from my home on a psychological level.

I also need a business email for contacting my followers, so I signed up with Google Suite. Any emails from me moving forward will come from! How snazzy is that?!

I also cannot remove time stamps from the URLs of my blog posts without upgrading to a professional account. This is important so I can keep my posts evergreen. Upgrading my account is also the only way to start implementing SEO plugins and a number of the security and backup plugins that I would like to use.

And since I am going to be doing all of this anyway, I may as well register Baboy Club NYC as a business with the county clerk.

With all of this going on, it’s amazing that I still have plenty of time to do my real job and develop two recipes for the week. That’s the power of bullet journaling, I guess! This week I am planning on publishing two delicious and easy dinners to whip up on a weeknight.

And here is what Taco and Bill have been up to this week!

Offering emotional support while I develope recipes
Taco helping me style a pic for Instagram
Bill, flirting for the camera

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