Side of Taco

Ya’ll, this week has been a doozy! First, in learning how to get this blog to pay for itself, I am realizing how computer illiterate I am. On top of that, Taco has discovered that climbing my apron and clinging to my chest while meowing directly into my mouth is a very effective strategy for getting attention. As trying as both situations have been this week, I know the rewards are worth the frustration.


One fantastic resource I have found is the Food Blogger Pro podcast. Bjork Ostram manages to inform me of all the things I didn’t know I should be doing in a way that makes me excited and not overwhelmed. Well, manageably overwhelmed. Less overwhelmed than Taco was when he got taped up after getting into the recycling.


One of the first things the podcasts suggested I do I set up my email list. Thankfully, MailChimp advertises on all of my favorite podcasts so I actually knew what an email list was and where to set one up! I managed to figure out how to install a pop up to ask all of you lovely people for your email addresses, which I am insanely proud of. This week, I will learn how to send my posts directly to your inbox!

actual footage of me learning computers

If you are one of my wonderful supporters who signed up to follow my blog through WordPress (hi Mom!), please sign up on the pop up so I can feel rewarded for learning how to use MailChimp! Also, so I can send you beautiful versions of the emails WordPress is sending you. Lastly, in the very likely event that I leave, I would like to be able to take you(r email address) with me.

The other thing I have learned this week is that I need to keep track of my expenses. I know. That should have been obvious and I should be doing that in my life in general!! I’m better at some aspects of adulting than others. Fiscal responsibility is not my forte, but my flossing game is on point.

Good news: Baboy Club NYC has given me a good reason to finally do what I should have been doing my whole life. As a sole proprietorship that is almost certainly going to be operating at a loss this year, I can deduct the losses of Baboy Club NYC from my other taxable income, so tracking my expenses is key. That is one way to offset my losses before I even start making any gains.

Bad news: To do this as Baboy Club NYC, I will have to register my business. This means a trip down to the Kings County Clerk’s Office, a filing fee and the cost of certified copies, and I even have to buy the form!

But the most important news is that Taco’s Gotcha Day is coming up! Taco was adopted July 26, 2014, so we will be celebrating 4 years of interrupted sleep and constant snuggles this Thursday! But what do you get a cat who has everything?

The day I met Taco

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