Side of Taco

It’s been almost a month and Taco hasn’t even landed an interview! He did have one call back, but when the manager found out that he’s a cat, her interest fizzled. Something about health codes? Oh well.

What health codes?

The good news is that Taco has found himself a comfortable position helping me create content for the blog, and I do mean comfortable.

Helo inernets!

As such, I have decided to bring him on as my blog’s first contractor. He will host my Instagram Stories every Tuesday on @baboyclubnyc, and Taco Tuesday posts will now take you behind the scenes at Baboy Club NYC. You can expect to read about all of the things I am learning as a fledgling blogger, from recipe development to search engine optimization.

It’s all about the tags, lady!

I expect that I will be learning a TON in the coming months, because I would like to turn this venture into a business. I do have a full time career that I would like to continue doing until I’m well past retirement age, I just want this blog to start paying for itself.

One very exciting thing that happened this week is @baboyclubnyc hit the 100 follower mark on instagram this Saturday! I am so grateful for the interest and support that Baboy Club NYC has received on social media, and am learning how to turn Instagram followers into blog followers. Perhaps it is a little early to worry about this too much, since the blog does not have much content yet, but I will put it on my list of things to figure out on top of recipe development and how to take better photos.

Two more things on my list of stuff to figure out on the business and technology side of the blog are email lists and search engine optimization. Both of these things seem WAY above my skill level, but I always feel that way when I am learning something new.

As for what has been happening on the creative side of the blog, I have been hampered by construction. My upstairs shower is leaking into my kitchen and one of my cabinets is out of commission. There are also a number of holes cut into my kitchen ceiling that do not impede my work, but they are doing nothing for the kitchen’s aesthetic and even less for moral!

Not pretty!

I am hoping to get back to Filipino food soon, but am waiting until my kitchen is in tip top shape to start experimenting with new ingredients and techniques. I am thinking something vegan, like a mixed mushroom pancit!

New recipe will be up this Thursday! Until then, thank you for the love and support!


Baboy Club NYC


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