Side of Taco

I am back from my trip to Alaska and Taco’s relief at my return to the apartment is palpable.

His histrionics are real. Apparently, he and Bill spent most of their time waiting by the entryway for my return, but Bill would never let me know it. Taco, on the other hand, is just far too earnest to play hard to get.

Bill and Taco, standing vigil at the front door

He was, by no means, alone the whole time! Our dear friend, Sandy, stayed at our apartment for the whole vacation, showered him with attention, and even let him sleep under the covers with her! But Taco’s problem is not a lack of love and attention, he is just stir crazy and retired far too early for his sanity!

The same thing happened with my grandpa when he retired after 40 years as a carpenter and foreman. On day two of his official retirement, my G-ma and I woke up to a kitchen without cabinets. He had pulled them all down while we slept to sand and refinish them. My G-ma made him go back to work after that, just to keep him out of her hair and out of her kitchen! She was a wise woman.

G-ma Barbara and Grandpa, absolutely nailing it

So here I am, trying to get Taco out of my face for both of our sakes! If you know anyone interested in hiring a 3 year old neutered male, he is highly qualified needs to get a job. Here are some of the skills he brings to the table.

Life Coach – Confidently challenging clients, but with care
Influencer – Personal branding. Curating.
Team Leader – Goal setting. Motivational leadership.

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