Side of Taco

I have two cats. Bill is a gentle, respectful kitty who was named before I figured out she is a female. When I am in the kitchen, she might come check on me, give me a “good job, human,” and then tiptoe back to her bed to dream of dinner time.

Taco is a different story. I met Taco in McCarren Park back when he was working for Empty Cages Collective as an adoption ambassador. I brought him home and he has been unemployed ever since.

I can tell that Taco misses having a job. He insists on being involved in everything I do at home. Housework, personal grooming, cooking, or gardening, he needs to be a part of it, so it only makes sense that he would be a part of my blog too, at least until he finds a paying gig.

If you know anyone who is looking to hire a three year old neutered male with a padded lengthy resume, send them a link to follow Baboy Club NYC or leave a comment. I’ll be posting some of Taco’s more exceptional job skills here.

Blog Supervisor – Ensuring blog posts are published in a timely and professional manner
Quality Assurance Control – Performing staff performance audits
Mover/Foreman – Securely wrapping, packing, and unpacking client belongings. Supervising a team of movers.

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